The television shows the perfect people
Happy with their money
And if you get thinner, less wrinkled
You won't feel so empty

So get a plastic chest to house your plastic heart
The poison you put in your brow kills who you are
It's all a show
Doctor, make my skin perfect
Don't want to ever see below
So insecure and so alone

The news is shocking and so awful
Romanticize a war campaign
Bloody pictures from a bloody battle
Only serve to entertain

So cast your vote cover your eyes
We're number one!
God blessed America with pride
He gave you the money to buy that giant suv
The one you drive with empty seats
Does it make you feel complete?

A spreading disease
A distracted nation
Consumed with what they see and what they drink celebrities
The doctor will fix it for me
The pain only lasts a few weeks
The scars won't even be seen
But I'll be seen: complete, envied

The body dies
But the soul's so hard to treat
So grab your knife
And cut me perfectly
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Plastic Chests For Plastic Hearts Lyrics

The Riot Before – Plastic Chests For Plastic Hearts Lyrics