Hear the music playing, what makes it sound that way
Look who's now appearing and sharing his feelings in? Sad cafй
Though he won't find fortune or fame, he's not that kind
To hear this, all the same
He's the melancholy music man, but he don't mind

I can hardly hear him, the laughter fills the air
They didn't come to see him, they'll never cheer him
Don't even know his name.
But I don't care he's playing for me, and he'll play my favorite melody
He's the melancholy music man, but he don't mind

Just take you time, keep on playing
And back to the way
Just for me, (just for me) won't you please (won't you please)
Won't you please (won't you please) play for me (play for me)
Melancholy music man
Melancholy music man
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Melancholy Music Man Lyrics

The Righteous Brothers – Melancholy Music Man Lyrics

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