This is just our little memo
To remind you of my demo
Put in the mail a week ago
Haven't heard it on the radio

Good mornin', song seller
I suppose we've got it made
You're such a charmin' fella
Why can't you get this record played
Record played, record played?

Got 2 sways I stole from the Beatles
Had 'em sewed on with-a magic needles
Now I can play like George and Ringo
Haven't heard it on the radio


Waitin' down for the Devil, ah
I'm gonna make me a record deal
I'm gonna need me a real big wheel
Someone tell it to me, deal, now

Makin' the time that's push and shovin'
If you want me to, I'll sing about lovin'
Sing about it fast, sing about it slow
Wanna hear it on the radio

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Song Seller Lyrics

The Raiders – Song Seller Lyrics