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Babyface (Boo-Hoo-Hoo) Lyrics

The Queers – Babyface (Boo-Hoo-Hoo) Lyrics

Everytime you're drunk
You always act like you're so tough
You're really a pussy and I'm gonna call your
Everyone is sick of you
You're a wimp through and through
I swear you look worse than Charles Bukowski
We saw you drunk a thousand times
You're an alcoholic Alber Einstein
Einstein einstein alber einstein

Babyface boo hoo hoo
You're just a babyface boo hoo hoo hoo yea

Everyone's an asshole but you and both your
If they don't kiss your ass your ass all day
It would be the end
You're a lazy piece of shit
Always drunk you little twit
I won't kiss your ass you're a loser
Never had to work a job
Your movie equal is the Blob
Admit the fact
You're just a punk rock snob
Punk rock snob punk rock snob


I'd bitch slap you cause you're just a bitch
Supported by your girlfriend the witch
You're lucky she's around for you
She's save your ass, you leech you shrew
You pay her back by fucking other girls
The day she gets her glasses fixed
Is when you're gonna get deep sixed
Grovel in the dirt and run to mommy
Mommy mommy run to mommy

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