I try to look on the bright side but this time there's not one
If I'd only known that
The last time I saw you
Was the last time I'd see you alive
Would things have been much different
The last three days we spent together

A tragic movie ending to a fairy-tale story
Happily ever after won't seem as long as it used to
I've played this over and over in my mind
A thousand times since last night
I can't pick up the pieces of what was never broken
She wouldn't want me to stay broken

It's best to live inside our memories
The better times before you died
I'd give anything to bring you back to me
I will never forget you

You were my best friend
You were there through failed romances
Giving up on second chances
Shooting stars and movies in your living room
I'm thankful for the time we spent
Together I have no regrets
I never deserved you
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Pat Saijack And The Legend Of Delta Burke Lyrics

The Promise Drive – Pat Saijack And The Legend Of Delta Burke Lyrics