Go get yer gal
And show her how
A righteous man
Won't play foul

Take her to a show
Tell her all you know
About the rain
And about the snow

Give her your word
So she can rest assured
That you will be
Hers and only hers

Now be a man
Take her by the hand
Through the rain and snow
Next to her you'll stand

Love her every day
In every way
So you can be sure
She won't run away

Sing her a tune
By the old lagoon
About the life
Of the sun and moon

Go get yer man
Take him by the hand
Tell him that you
Will always understand

And when he's weak
Your help he'll seek
Because you're strong
And you've got mystique

Now you two
You'll make it through
The rain and snow
Just say I do
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Go Get Your Gal Lyrics

The Pickens County Bandits – Go Get Your Gal Lyrics

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