Ooh ooh ooh oh oh.

[Verse 1]
We live in a southern city,
We drink that ice and bourbon whiskey.
And you got time on your hands,
I’d advise you change your route-less plans.

[Verse 2]
And the vast Mississippi,
Oh makes me dream of Tennessee.
And if you’re tired of champagne,
We’ll meet you there by the Dixie train.

[Bridge 2]
Ooh ooh,
Ooh oh oh.

[Verse 3]
From the Cumberland valley,
Just up from Nashville, Music City.
Took The Gulch to The Station,
Away from downtown temptation.

[Verse 4]
Waking up with a sour head,
Got to eat up your grits n’ corn bread.
Well that’s what our new friend said,
Under the iron bridge by the railroad bed.

Ooh ooh ooh oh oh.

No Pontiac no Chevrolet,
It’s a shotgun loco all the way.
To New Orleans via Pontchartrain,
Memphis we’ll see you again.

[Verse 5]
Tall buildings rising up high,
Reminds me of a time that’s gone by.
Good ole boys on the TV screen,
With their boot-cut jeans and Robert E. Lee.

[Bridge 3]
Ooh ooh ooh oh oh.
Ahh ahh ahh ah oh.

[Verse 6]
Back in the big country city,
Where the broad avenue takes me.
Up to the blurred neon signs,
Roach stompers come in three of a kind.

[Bridge 4]
Ooh ooh ooh ooh.
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Southern Cities Lyrics

The Paper Trains – Southern Cities Lyrics