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A Better Way Lyrics

The Overprivileged – A Better Way Lyrics

Plug me in I need to know, turn me on my mind is numbing,
This innocence has been overthrown -- the real world is coming
A beowulf cluster of cynical undead trace routes shrink to fit the die
Recursively calling more resources the processor is bound to fry
Though I bring across this fertile valley more soldiers to the fray
What I want is an end to this war (of culture vs profit) I've seen a better way
First post killed jon katz on the day Napster died,
New ideas marked as trolls concepts get personified
Once we've verbed every noun, idealism: slashdotted,
We will have used all the points that we'd been allotted
Corporate interest's interest piqued we cranked the volts, they felt the heat
Watch them as they come to strap on a bigger heatsink as we speak
Remove the buzzwords, what's left then? Tell me that there's something more
Than those digital impulses tell me what we built them for.
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