Last Christmas I left my baby blue
Tears rolling down his face but what else could I do?
I was lost and so confused,
I was scared of loving you on Christmas

Last Christmas I was hurting so bad
My baby left me, took everything I had
I was lost and out of place,
Had a sad look on my face for christmas

Promise this year I'll be giving you
More than I've been giving
Box my heart right up and tie it with a ribbon
Santa please can you come this way
Deliver my baby for christmas day

This Christmas I'll come running back to you
How could I make such a big mistake?
How could I be such a fool?
I know just what to do
I'll be right back there with you on Christmas

Joy, joy, joy and happiness
If I had one wish this Christmas baby it'd be your kiss
Joy, joy, joy and happiness
To hold you in my arms again is the only thing on my list
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This Christmas Lyrics

The Organ Beats – This Christmas Lyrics