I am the murder bind your soul
I am
I am the maker deep in your wound
I am

And now the mountain falls on all that you've denied
A simple glance burns the retinas from your eyes

Unto this gift to die, is there anything we will not take for granted?
(You are called)
Wading through all of the scars of your own life
I tell you my friends,
Death will take us all

A man must ask himself, is this what I've become?
I beg you ask just once, is this what you've become?

You were called uncalled until the time that you stood before yourself

Respect, despair, and your doubt is what divides you from me

Fear not
Fear not I'm the first, the last
What is, what was
What is, what was, what always will be

Fear not I'm the first, the last, the answers in your heart
I am what was, what is, what always will be

(Sample) your all going to die down here

I tell you once more
Death will take us all...
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Davids Frozen Sword Lyrics

The Order Of Elijah – Davids Frozen Sword Lyrics