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Blind Mad God Lyrics

The Nox – Blind Mad God Lyrics

Blind and mad
Spreading Chaos and Death
Monarch marching
Reigning in the name of the Divine

Unbound and murderous
Morbid Messiah hungering for war
Unwilling to bow for anything
Kneel and offer defeat!

Devoid of mercy
Lives are just lives and mean nothing to me
I am God and spit at you people

Fuelled with fury
Compelled by the raging hate inside
Conditioned to conquer and create
My Will is the Will of all!

Peace I know not
Rage is my religion
Where cultures clash I take command
And feed the fire with black hatred

Cross-eyed gaze on supremacy
Expansion of the Elite
Centered at one vision
Backdraft of anti-human sanity

There will be death at the end of the tunnel

From war to war I grow in number
Parading in power
Utopia is within reach

Chaos Christus Vincit!
Chaos Christus Regnat!
Chaos Christus Imperat!

Contra mundum ad infinitum
Contra mundum ad absurdum
Contra mundum ad nauseam

Consummatum Est!

Asphyxiating the spawn of the impure
The Final Solution to subhuman life
Exterminate all!
My kingdom is One

From earth to heaven bodies pile
Megalomania knows no limits
Full blooded misanthropic
I am superior to all races
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