If I surrender to the night,
Will there be more to life than living?
If I surrender to the light,
Will I have something worth giving?
Giving up is always up there,
But there's you, and I swear,
I swear you could keep me here forever,
If forever you can bear.

Always one for contempt,
Dreaming a dream you wish undreamt.
You go from confidence to self doubt,
Don't be another sell out.
I have words that mean the most that are not said,
But they're the words I'd like to shout.

Have I written the perfect song for you?
Would you even give me a look, or a glance now?
Would you find it in your agenda,
To just see me somehow?

I just want to be with you tonight, girl.
I wish that I could be with you tonight girl!
I was always the one to you'd tempt,
And I'm dreaming a dream I wish undreamt.

You're a good thing as long as my thoughts stay silent,
The only thing that gives me hope,
Is I know, oh I know,
All good things must come to an end,
It's how I cope.
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Be With You Tonight Lyrics

The Notaries – Be With You Tonight Lyrics