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Stray Bullets Lyrics

The Nightwatchman – Stray Bullets Lyrics

Whoa-oh ey-yea,
Slide on down.
Whoa-oh ey-yea,
What is lost, you gave away.
Stray bullets raining on down down down-
Stray bullets raining on down.

Me and Danny Lorde and Steve
Were fuckin' drunk on New Years Eve,
Singing, drinking, playing guitars, laying 'round.
We pulled a shotgun out the she'd and
Fired it towards the heavens.
Stray bullets raining on down.


Back on a Mason covered truck [?]
The captain laughed, and said, "good luck",
As we rolled on through our first Iraqi town.
From the rooftop, we got blasted,
Danny Lorde's spine came unfastened.
Stray bullets raining on down.


15 months lost in Iraq,
We got Stop-Loss'd, they sent us back.
Why the fuck we we're even here, I'll never know.
Me and Steve, we went out walking,
A few of us have started talking,
And now we've got a mission of our own.


Cuz now we're coming for the captain,
To reap the seeds he'd sown.
Everybody hit the deck,
Cuz his tent's about to blow.
Tell the general when we find him,
He'll be the next to go.
Yeah- we're coming for the captain,
And then we're going home.

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