A yulan, snow and sea
Falls in circles over me
The many lives I have to lead
Are petals falling from that tree
Without a choice in destiny
The force of my heartbeats endlessly

Celia, arise, arise to capture this day
Celia, arise, arise

In darkness, in light
It is you that I seek
In heaven, on earth
With you I will be
In life as in death
Together we will be
For love is true
And does exist
If not for all
Then for just two

Existence, no truth or desire
Resistance, no failure or fight
Persistence, no motion, no time
Injustice, no reason, no feeling
Armistice, no cause to die for
Reverence, no god to pray to
Insistence, for meaning in all things
Accordance, for peace of mind
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The Ruins Of Athens (2nd Movement) Lyrics

The New York Room – The Ruins Of Athens (2nd Movement) Lyrics