As we are heading forwards, our footsteps
Are treading in old paths of glory
To be seen and redeemed
What I am, this dimension of mine
Has no time, I am the dreams of the universe

Heavenly, immortally the dreams do flow in circles
Carried by the stars beyond
In my elusive dreams I am torn apart
I am forever vanquished
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Cold, dead and pale, eyes dry and veiled
Souls burnt and vanished, feeding the ground
Infusing a bride, giving birth to life

As landscapes change and erupt, we will
Flower, glow and wither
Repeatedly, cosmic ideas
I am gliding like a sphere over you, pouring
Out the cosmic fantasy, which is eternalized


Your life is but an empty shell without understanding
I try to realize what makes the glory of myself
Filled by blood, veins of life soon all turned to dust
Hunting at the shadows from an alien rival

The pulse of life, the time of mine
Melts in the storm of this unchangeable world
My dreams will die in spheres without time

Without time, my dreams are hopeless, what am I
Without any paths or landscapes
To explore, I will perish
Heavenly immortallity - to dissolve and
Travel up to this hidden dimension

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Spheres Without Time Lyrics

The Myriad – Spheres Without Time Lyrics