There's not that many people I actually like having around,
So if you promise to be patient I promise that I'll try not to let you down
Every day I wish myself good luck
But it's just a shame I'm set to self-destruct
If I can't kick this anxiety then it's my future I can see
The number 2 becomes 1 - it's you having fun without me

Remember years ago we made pacts and said how we'd never look back?
Now all those friends I know before, I barely see them anymore
It was "til the living end" we said, but now we all act like the living dead
That's why inside I'm kind of jammed up
We've not moved on but we've given up
I guess sooner or late I'll just have to accept it's all fucked

It doesn't matter if I shut my eyes, I can still barely sleep
I'm running out of teeth to grind and out of sane thoughts in my mind
And if by chance I fall into something relatively deep,
It turns out the resting part was just pretend, wake up and start over again

I took a walk around the other day, the old hangouts don't look the same
It's such a shame
It's a bad idea raking up old graves, but I'll tell you what
It's the thought of digging new ones and watching you walk away and lying down inside
That plagues my mind each night

I hope I don't wake up
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Wake Up Lyrics

The Murderburgers – Wake Up Lyrics

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