Take a pinch of this and a shake of that
And a splash of somethin' good
'Cause the cook just knows by the twitch in her nose
The way a good cook should
Take an ounce of this and a pound of that
And a ton of something else
And you stir it 'round and you let it brown
Till the whole concoction melts
Give it a whoop with a loop-the-loop a ladle and a scoop
It's a good-time goombah soup
A good time can be had by all
With a good-time goombah soup
It'll rock your socks till you caterwaul
That good-time goombah soup
It's a soup that laughs and barks and jeers
It's the old-time goombah soup
It'll pin your ears till you give three cheers
It's a good-time goombah soup
Everybody wants some more
It's an old-time goombah soup
With a hey and a ho and I love it so
The good-time goombah soup
Put a little shake here
And a little shake there
And then there's soup to spare
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Goodtime Goombah Soup Lyrics

The Muppets – Goodtime Goombah Soup Lyrics