Somehow after I got you
I got put in charge of making your dreams come true
Well I'll see what I can do
But I can barely tie my shoe

Going: maka-bam-pow, maka-bam-pow, maka-bam-pow
Rama-ama-lam, wama-lama-barn
We'll get by

You take care of holding our place
And I'll be in charge of not falling on my face
But try to catch me just in case

'cause: make-bam-pow...
We'll get by

And I've been spinning ever since
I've been in charge of making
Everything all right

Somehow we slipped by
When the world was young
People like us were just left out to die
But evolution went awry

Mmmm: maka-bam-pow...
We'll get by.
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We'll Get By Lyrics

The Mr. T Experience – We'll Get By Lyrics