That girl is fucking crazy
She's so god damn amazing
Words are not enough
You know her from the paper
She comes in forty flavors
Makes me want to throw up
You can say "but seriously folks..."
You can write her nasty notes
But you know you're gonna choke

After all you know she's just a slagbag
Look at yourself, you know you're a slagbag
How many times have you called her a slagbag
What would you do if I called you a slagbag

She thinks she's really something
But she is less than nothing
And there is no doubt
They said I should've known her
How she would fuck me over
But it's too late now
You could say she's good in bed
You could say she gives good head but you know that you'll regret
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Slagbag Lyrics

The Mr. T Experience – Slagbag Lyrics