When I saw you standing there in your lacy underwear I knew I was in the
Ladies' dressing room and now I've seen it all and they kicked me out of the
Mall but it was wonderful and now we've got a lot to talk about yeah I know
Yeah but when we're hanging out it always seems like you're having a cow I
Love You But You're Standing On My Foot. There's got to be some way for
You and me to act our age and maybe make a change where will we be next
Year still sitting here and drinking beer and watching Mr. Belvedere and I
Know it's not much of a life you're in color I'm in black and white but we play
Parcheesi every Saturday night so that's all right cause I love you but you're
Standing on my foot yeah yeah. And you were wearing your hat that said god
Guts and guns made America free let's keep all three and you were smiling but
I could see your disappointment and a piece of something green stuck
Between your teeth I said I'm so impressed you said surely you dressed I said
Yes but stop calling me Shirley it's not my name.
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I Love You, But You're Standing On My Foot Lyrics

The Mr. T Experience – I Love You, But You're Standing On My Foot Lyrics