[Verse 1]
«This is your captain
I don’t know how
But our wings have caught fire
So jump out now!»

Out of the sky
I fell from the trees
To crawl on sand
On my bleeding knees

And a voice said:
«Be fruitful and multiply!
Bite into that apple!
Devour or die!»

[Verse 2]
I’ve exorcised the monkey
Crucified his skin
It’s just evolution
Hey, that’s no sin

Nothing personal – no offense
I don’t care what you do
It’s just natural selection
Between me and you

[Verse 3]
Here comes my revelation
There was never a choice to resist temptation
And you will bite the dust, ‘cause in god I trust
I touch the clouds with my fingertip 
I’m the first mammal to use a selfie-stick
Maybe I fell from grace, but I‘ll mark my space

Hallelujah – my Dogma
Hallelujah – my Dogma
Hallelujah – my Dogma
Hallelujah – Hallelujah

[Verse 4]
This is Darwin’s Desert
Only the fittest survive
My tribe, my herd – oh my god
Only my genes stay alive!
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Darwin's Desert Lyrics

The Moonling – Darwin's Desert Lyrics