Today I heard the whistle of a train around the bend
Today I got that feelin' my trouble's meant to end
Today I met that freight train, guitar by my side
I got on that freight train, and you know I'm gonna ride
I'm tryin' to find I'm ridin' the line
Gonna make my way, Alright! Ok! Let's do it!

Today I heard a songbird sing a sweet melody
Today from all my worries I believed I'd soon be free
Today I climbed a mountain, guitar in my hand
I climbed up that mountain, came back down with this band

I'm not talkin' about tommorow, Tommorow may never come
Not talkin' about yesterday, baby Yesterday's gone
Sing a song about right now, song about today
We say Alright! We say ok!
Not tommorow. Today!
Singin' a song about today!
Alright! Ok!
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Singin' A Song About Today Lyrics

The Mooney Suzuki – Singin' A Song About Today Lyrics