"Do you remember when that llama got out?
Oh yeah
Oh he went awol
He went crazy
Started hoofing the public
Do you remember?
Ah, he was out there,
Hoofing doctors, hoofing vicars
He got in the giftshop,
Put a false moustache on,
A little girl came in,
"Can I have a pencil top?"
Hoofed her out the shop,
Ha ha ha,
No one could get near that llama,
But you Howard, you got off with it.
Yep, it's one of the few ways to calm a llama down".

Calm a llama down
Calm a llama deep down in the ocean,
Blue like a barnacle,
Sitting in a tight place,
Laughing like a monkey on,
Pulling like a china boy,

Calloway, Noise

Boing, Tikka Masala,
Boing, Tikka Masala

Tooth, Tooth
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Calm A Llama Down Lyrics

The Mighty Boosh – Calm A Llama Down Lyrics