In this world if the moon rose at just one time and we'd both fall asleep at the same midnight / If the towns we were in had all the same names we could see eye to eye baby loose the games / if the tears from your eyes fell into my hand I'd feel the warmth of the one that they were in / if the words from your mouth came from lips I could see I think the meaning of them could relax jealousy.

Oh if there was a way we could change our lives to better fit our love / fit it all inside / If I could come home to you and hold you in my arms when you fall asleep

There would be no crying / there would be no hurting no fear / there would be no crying / just gotta get through this next year.

If the state lines that we were born into were ten miles high and we could not get through / I'd be by your side still this very day / playing only for you making minimum wage / if the voice that you hear in the back of the bus is a girl that you don't think you can trust / babe I wish you were here so you could see all I talk about is you and she's not with me.

If the rain from your heart fell into my hand I'd take the pain of the lover that it was in / I'd be home with you girl and every night / hold you so tight it would hurt / but there would be no crying.
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No Crying Lyrics

The Midway State – No Crying Lyrics