Are you out of love with me?
Are you longing to be free?
Do I drive you up a tree?
Yeah! Oh, yeah!
Do I drive you up the wall?
Do you dread every phone call?
Can you not stand me at all?
Yeah! Oh, yeah!
Though I need you more than air
Is it true you just don't care?
Are you having an affair?
Yeah! Oh, yeah!
When we met I thought
Money was everything
So I let you buy the house,
The car, the ring
But I can't take your perpetual whining
And you can't sing
I though if we live apart
We could made a brand-new start
Do you want to break my heart?
Yeah! Oh, yeah!
I've enjoyed making you
Miserable for years
Found peace of mind in
Playing on your fears
How I loved to catch your gold
And silver tears, but now my dear
What a dark and dreary life
Are you reaching for a knife?
Could you really kill your wife?
Yeah! Oh, yeah!
Of, I die, I die, I die!
So it's over, you and I
Was my whole life just a lie?
Yeah! Oh, yeah!
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Yeah! Oh, Yeah! Lyrics

The Magnetic Fields – Yeah! Oh, Yeah! Lyrics