This meetings now called to order
Everybody in the trenches report to the sewer
I'm the navajo talkin nebular spy
In a form fittin polyester human disguise
And I've been sent to represent the renegade space rock by the chief resident
Mc Kinney, kid he's killin all the keys
Not the ones down south but the ones above the knees

Early in the mornings when I ask myself
Is my life worth living should I wrap myself in a gas soaked cloak and ignite myself
Nah chill I got a plan just relax yourself
Check it out if you're down like pillows and you're out like patience
And you're held to the ground by chemical agents
Up in your crown kick it back with the beats
Step around, son
All you need is more tracks than a meet
So run a lap, god
Megavolts to your vault like an adapter kit
And the empty emcees kick em in the pit
When the windchime shakes I thrash an emcee who wears inline skates
I pity rude boys from the thirds wave
I wouldn't use their word page to line off the floors of my birdcage
I douse 'em in butane then hop a train down south to the Ukraine
Where they where they magnify sunlight like mc live on a saturday night
I got a few things left to say but I wont say em
Kinneys gonna kick out the jams
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Reactor Number 4 Lyrics

The Mad Conductor – Reactor Number 4 Lyrics