When your confidence (Is shaking like a feather)
When your trust is bruised (And wounded by the weather)
When winters march (Is crushing thru your veins)
And your world-weary arms (Are just clinging to the day)

You said you wanted sympathy
Well not from me cuz' ordinary life is just like this
You said you wanted clarity
Well now you see that ordinary life does not exist, so just get on with it.
(So don't you worry baby, you'll be fine.)

When your truth hits home (And it's unbelievable)
When you'd hope for hope (And it's unreceivable)
And it's a hell of a rainbow (to promise you a storm)
And the only grace to still the rain (Is the fury of the flames)

You'll be fine if you just hold onto yourself
And save your breath from breathing
Save your heart from beating
Save your blood from bleeding you, yeah, you'll be fine.

You said you wanted sympathy well not from me it's (ordinary life)
You said you wanted clarity well now you see it's (ordinary life)
You said you'd give anything to be relieved of (ordinary life)
But... (ordinary life) does not exist... So you'll be fine
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Hell Is A Rainbow Lyrics

The Loveblisters – Hell Is A Rainbow Lyrics