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Tongue Ya Down Lyrics

The Legacy – Tongue Ya Down Lyrics

Ha, my name is Legacy if you didn't know
And if y'all don't know who that was
Let me remind y'all
New Boyz

She said she don't speak French but she'll tongue me down
Tu tongue me down, tu tongue me down [x4]

[Verse 1:]
She was a daddy's girl, never left the house with a skirt on
Chick was so shy she used to swim with a shirt on
Had boyfriends but never let em make a move
And she stuck to that rule until she let me in the room
She started wildin' out like a day old nympho
Her panties just drop like the Trey Songz intro
Waited for a minute then was good for bout a week
Then I looked it up at Denny's took her pussy out to eat
I ain't backin out from nothin girl, trust me I'm naughty
I ain't scared of that kitty, I play Jumanji
You go both ways, tell your friends make it stop
Girl I get crazy when that Nicki Minaj
I do it like a macbook, lemme tell you how
Take it out, turn her on, now use it and shut it down
People lie about they s** but my pipes are truest
Now she ain't goin nowhere, Iceland tourists
When we went to New York, we was at it every night
And she gave the best brain, an empire state of mind
I try to make her mine, I think she worthy
She always suck me up, so I nicknamed her Kirby

[Verse 2:]
I'm way too grown for these grownass kids
So we trynna get a lick, but they don't give head
I don't got no time for that shit, where the fuck Is Kat stacks?
And if she lyin, put me on, she better say I bashed it
And F a blog, mto you can suck my naz
Use it how you wanna use it, fans never trust a fraud
Only 18 but I'll flip ya like a chevy
Grown man you leavin me for be runnin outta breath
And you talkin all that mess what you trippin for
Be like boy you young, well bitch you old
I Guess my swag turned her on, or I think it shocked her
Now her head under the blanket like she seen a monster
After that I eat it make her masturbate from thinkin man
I got her with the business with no application needed
And to say the least at least I made her happy what you gon do?
Man I put it down like a cali nigga supposed to

She said she don't speak French but she'll tongue me down
Tu tongue me down, tu tongue me down [x4]
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