Who ain't afraid to live the south of time?
Near the barley trees and the crooked lines
We took a bump, and said we're clearly dreaming

Where mercedes grow, and innocence dies
I look behind your back and see small white lies
I've convinced myself I'm only here dreaming

You say you got some friends in Georgia
You got some things you'd rather do
And you talk too much to grandma
Hell, she don't talk too much to you

You have far too much to be so hurt
What if I were you and you were worse?
Only air for one, when you're up here and dreaming

Look into to health food movements and prayers for luck
God ain't Santa, It's not what you want
You'll get just enough, when you're up here and dreaming

You think the industry is grateful?
Not if the units never sell
There's always someone bigger, doing better
Once a man, now a shell

Where life is built with coffee cups
Talk too long and drink too much
Till my head implodes, I'm far away and dreaming

Some small inventions might make a buck
But It's words and poems that really get you stuck
Doing art for free
I ain't me when I'm dreaming

You say I'm far too in to quit now
But that my time is running out
I say, I love you more than ever
You say, that's not what it's about
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Dreaming #26 Lyrics

The Lawsuits – Dreaming #26 Lyrics