So, I’m just in here
Hanging out my skin to dry
Back six pages
Is when I abandoned my life

All that’s happened began…
Began with a lie
Erstwhile demure looked at…
Looked at askance

Redeem? I’ve she'd my child away
Oh, I’ve she'd my child away

So, could I leave here
And make it back to innocence?
Simper as I
Hold on to form of “then”

Regress to a start
For what it’s worth today
Prefer a steady route…
How the ardent change?

Redeem? I’ve she'd my child away
Regain? I led my child astray

I’d like,
To try and rearrange
To) those days
Before the leap of lanes

Some day
I’d like to go home
To) those days
Where I once roamed… where I once roamed
Take me back home
Where I once roamed
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Demure Lyrics

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