Will you sing me a song
Let the world take-in everything
They can from you my love
"she said" will you play all night long?
Show the world everything you've learned from peace and love, the war is on, it's time to play

Don't you give them simple melodies with a hope to change the world
Did the spot light take your heart away? Could you tell her I'm your girl
If you need to be the minister, be the bible and the faith
Challenge all the world to take you on
Make them feel you when you play

Verse 2

She... Had the glow that lights the way
Bright as the sun but higher
She... Had the flow, the style, the grace
High... Up above, she flys, she sings

Repeat chorus

Will you sing me a song
Make me feel what you play
Do your words make you strong
Can they make me feel the same
Are the notes from your heart
Are there tears on the page
Does it tear you apart
When you sing your words to me
Can you give love...
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