The ratio is like a hundred to one (Like a hundred to one)
And all these women only came to have fun.
(What that gon do huh?)
Better Run That x3
(What you tell em huh?) x2
Imma run that all night Long

Verse One:
Hello girl,
Well I've never met you before,
But I like the way you get into it,
What you sipping lil mama let me get it for ya,
I've got a whole lot of time brought my team in it,
Shawty wait I think I need to put some creez in it,
Can you handle it? Can you get it in?
Shake it up dice baby like you finna win.

I'm on a roll you’re so naughty
Girl I love that face and your body,
Love the way you dress
Love the way you move,
Love the way you get it how you get it girl oh. x2


Verse Two:
I see you wanna roll with me,
She gon get a little nasty,
I might have to take you home with me,
(Oh girl)
But you ain't even gotta ask me,
That's what I like.
(And I'mma get it)
And that's what you want,
Don't be scared, move that there, and show me what you do.
I came for one thing and I know that body bangs,
You and me we can see for one night I got you babe I say to.

Drop it down, pick it up that's the way I like to. x2


Do it for something let me see you move it girl, you got me running, crazy
I might lose control just

Do it for something. x2

I told you drop it down, pick it up that's the way I like to.


Run That x2
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Run That Lyrics

The Kid Ryan – Run That Lyrics

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