Eminem: damn it really bright out here
Guess I should of brought some sunglasses
If I new we were doing a video out side

Now some of you might be out on top of a rooftop talking to your self to
But you not famous rappers so no one cares
Now if you excuse me I'm going down stairs

You can try and though away my lyrics before I can see them
Ha to bad I got them memorized I don't even need them
Yeah I still got homophobic lines but you can't get up coz that fag Elton john and I once did a dote

To my fans I apologize for ruing your life's I'll get back to writing songs about murdering my wife
He-spits-he-rhymes-up-every time-without any rehearsing
Sometimes he rhymes about himself in the 3rd person

He's rapping is hilarious but completely serious and if you make fun of him he will get freaking furious coz he can dish it out but he just can't talk it
Like a baker who hates cakes but always bakes them

Whos this dude looking at me he looks just like me clocking me mocking me I think he wants to fight me
Ow I tried to hit the man but it broke my hand then he ran must have been a crazed fan oh damn there he is again

I'm not afraid to trough a chair it was from ikea so I don't care
I'm bumping into people on the street
I'm wearing shakeups on my feet

I'm just like you I've been there to... I'm rich and famous so I take that back it's not true
It was my decision to do drugs I did it for fun but now in done I can get back to puns about kinga dashion and her 2 tons buns of fun so giganticous that they block out the sun

I'm the worlds greatest rapper in fact that's underexploited but for some reson I act like I'm indisputabled
If you think I'm a turkey well then you can just stuff it I'm the only mc to have a spoof with a puppy

I can rap about Afghanistan, arack or bps but I'd rather make fun of some minor celebrity's heres a list of people I like to inlete parish hadron, will wedon rubin studdard and screech but I wont destine or wine that aint fun there both really nice and they aint hurt no one

Screw Mitchael j fox coz he shakes when he walks arnt you glad that I'm back to get this message across

I'm not afraid to get really pissed and all my critics hardly exists I'm such a winy baby I keep complaining I'm rich as hell my records sell I'm such a ars but I'll get a pass people love me coz I can rhymes words really fast
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Eminem Im Not Afraid Lyrics

The Key Of Amsome – Eminem Im Not Afraid Lyrics

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