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Self-Crowned Casanova Lyrics

The Judes – Self-Crowned Casanova Lyrics

Self-Crowned Casanova
Left her lying in a cheap motel
With a note that told her
I'll call you later when there's no one else

So c'mon

Self-Crowned queen of pleasure
Left him crying and you broke his heart
With your whips and leather
You never knew you'd get it from the start

You know I know why and where
You're coming from
I know you can't go back to
Where you started from

Self-Crowned Casanova
You left her calling as you play your part
'Till the wake is over
And then you point the barrel at her heart

Self-Crowned queen of pleasure
Played the role and tried to make him stay
Asked for rings and flowers
She has him thinking that he had his way

So c'mon, c'mon, c'mon

You know I know why and where
You're coming from
You're backed into a corner
Then you start to run

I know you know
I can't easily describe
Fall down never knowing
You're my kinda type
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