Action back where you came your right'n
Everything and everything's ok
I need some action back where you came,
Your right'n everything's ok

Never gonna fail and you better believe,
I'm on the top notch coming and won't
Back out on the lease,
I'm doing all that I please and
Then I'm going top speed,
I'm cruising but still in control,
You know what I mean


Well you'll get yours,
And I'll get mine
Truth is we'll be singing
Till the end of time
I'm doing all that I choose,
And in the end I won't lose,
And maybe if I get a little lucky,
I'll get some action

Right without a doubt you gotta find
Everything come out come out your cruising
But still in control you know what I mean
1- you gotta go and get it
2- you gotta show your with it
3- no sign of slowing, ready


Jerry, Jerry, Jerry

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Action Lyrics

The Johnstones – Action Lyrics