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My Woman Lyrics

The Itals – My Woman Lyrics

Oh yea, oh yea
I've got a problem-it is directed to you
Got to be careful what you do

I really got a problem, would you believe it is true

See, a woman's greatest enemy it's another woman
Yet one of the best things I've ever had is my woman
My only problem is with my woman

Sometimes she seems to be one of the nicest thing I've seen
She came and fetch me drink when I'm thirsty
That's why I've got to ask for His mercy

She fix my coffee, reach me for a bite
Sometimes she's so bitter, sometimes she's so sweet
Yet one of the best thing I'd ever had is my woman

She give me sweet thing
And I like it, I like it
It's a sweet thing
So telling again, again and again, it's a sweet thing
And I like it like that, it's a sweet thing
My woman, oh my woman
I cannot do without her, my woman
Sometime my only woman
I cannot take a moment of her
But I still love anyway,
I still love anyway, oh yea

Hit me. Hit me.
Is that the hardest that you can
I want you hit me
Can't you understand-hit me
And don't stop. Hit me.
I want to know just where It's at
Hit me with the love atomic
Hit me with the nuclear of love
With the nuclear of love
All right
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