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It's All Over Lyrics

The Independents – It's All Over Lyrics

It's all over, it's all over
It's all over, it's all over

I tell you, I tell you
I just can't make it, baby
I know it sounds funny
But it ain't no lie, ain't no lie

The very minute you start
Out that door of my life
I'm gonna cry, you hear me
I'm gonna cry

You just forget what
I said last night
Baby, I'm so proud of you
We gotta stay and
Fight this thing together
Honey, I really want you to

I'll die for you, I'll lie too
I'll even change my wicked ways
I'll do anything you want me to do
But don't say, don't say

It's all over, it's over
The only way

Now you know me for
What I really am, girl
Even though I plan to think?
So why in the world
Can't you understand
Your leaving would destroy me

Understanding and consideration
What we need now goes along

Baby, what did I do
What could be so bad
To turn you away
Please don't say

It's all over
Give me one more chance
It's all over
I'm on my knees

I'd like to say
You're up one day
And you're down tomorrow
All of this?
Just bring me sorrow

When I see you
Think about the past...
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