Came to town from my homeland,
Seen you turn round,
Under the neon.
Watched the lightning from my window,
I heard the thunder,
Under the moonlight,
I felt the thunder.

Oh have you seen, Mariana,
She's just a dream, Mariana,
Mysterious lass, say.
And all that I see, Mariana,
Is all that I want, Mariana,
But do what you please, say.

Met you in the morning sun girl,
Said my hellos, never said my goodbyes,
Aw my desire cries.
You took me back smokey bar blues,
The rain was pouring over the neon, over the neon.

Sit up Seniorita,
Mariana, say what you will,
Mariana, you will break some hearts, say.
I'm not on my own, Mariana,
An army it waits, your all for the thrill, say.

And all that I want, Mariana,
Is all I can have, Mariana,
If only you knew, say
I'll travel on, Mariana,
With you in my mind, Mariana,
Now I'll let you go, say
I'm not on my own Mariana,
An army it waits, Mariana,
You're all for the thrill.

Mariana, say, Mariana, say
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Mariana Lyrics

The Imagineers – Mariana Lyrics

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