Planted in the summer,
Blooming in the spring,
You may not like the harvests or what the fruits bring,
You don't know this thing,
You don't own this Garden,
When you shake the tree down,
You don't know what you started

You will plant a seed, (no you don't know what you started)
Never to enjoy the shade, (no you don't know what you started)
The tree then brings a change, (no you don't know what you started)
The work is not in vain.

Now we just want you to fly,
The feeling of freedom, when you democratize,
Join us up in the sky,
Boy that means that you're alive,
Cos this song it cracks cracks the eggs to make the omlette,
Gonna let them bomb it,
Baby this is spring time look at what we've got potted.
Tree where ever we wanted I hope,
The plan that we install has my vote,
If not the sniper on murder she wrote,
Got it locked in,
For long time your type the war seems shocking,
With a head shot on her head to stay,
Your peace could devastate,
Our peace can't wait,
For the moment though we own it,
The truth hurt, ruffled the hem of her blue skirt,
Then forgotten.
Back to the well to drink the poisoned water,
Freedom doesn't begin in spring time like it ought'a


[Verse 2:]
And god knows I will be righteous,
When we're taming the tigers,
Do you get it? We get it,
Whether or not we don't care if we get invited,
Dealing with tyrants, I'm not surprised,
Yes they won, still we will not let them democratize,
And the uprisings and who to pick a side with,
Do a deal or fight with,
What we want is psychics,
And what we have is violence,
You label freedom fighters, insurgents in Guantanamo,
When justice ain't been just since Geronimo,
Cross border raids to demonstrate the rules fluent,
Which is pretty much the same way our supreme leaders do it,
So tell me, what kind of injured freedom is this?
That leaves a million bleeding or buried beneath the grid,

Then there comes the day,
When the groundwork was laid,
Our hearts and heads were strong,
We couldn't wait any longer,
Then there comes a night,
When the dark stills the light,
Cycles will go on,
You made us wait even longer

You will plant a seed (you made us wait even longer! X2)
The tree then brings a change (you made us wait even longer!)
You made us wait even longer!

[Verse 3:]
The moon will only rise,
When the people so desire,
Yet the sun will fall on an empire,
Defending her pride,
Yo we're tired of the masks,
People tired of the zig zags,
We're sick of the myth of the good guy,
Who is that?
Your flag is up in flames,
The claims of liberators and better statements went on their say so,
Planes deliver their payloads,
And on the ground the people rage,
Are on the phones and tweeting change,
A page of writing into history ain't the same,
They wanna sign their name there,
For the masses gathered in the main square,
Shouted down the despot,
And crowding round the death squad,
A day so many dreamed of,
Remember what the seed was?
The struggle and the sacrifice,
To keep the hope alive,
When they..


You will plant a seed,
Never to enjoy the shade
The tree then brings a change
The work is not in vain.
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Future Shade Lyrics

The Herd – Future Shade Lyrics