I'm sick and tired of apathy
And Cobain tributes
Buy some time and make a bid for Generation Y
Why can't I get it together?
Meet me tonight on myspace, I'll be there waiting
A Backlit sky could be nuclear, or just a late sunrise
The day is waiting

Another stolen glance, on a friday night
But you could never know
This not a life, it is an addiction

Across the bar I watch you dance
But nevermind, it's over now for Generation Y
French Vogue knows that spiders cling to model's faces
Another high rise
A facsimile of the mottos of our youth
So long ago I don't recall them

(A beating heart in a dark club
You're not from the town that I grew up in
My friends do all the thing that other folks do
To keep the world from closing in
Take my hand
And come back to the town that I grew up in)
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Generation Y Lyrics

The Hampdens – Generation Y Lyrics