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Over The Rain Lyrics

The Great Divide – Over The Rain Lyrics

While I lie sleeping, I have visions
Of silver lights up in the sky.
And I fly over the thunder.
Sometimes I fly so high I don't wanna come down
'Cause I'm afraid of the ground, sometimes.

I can't remember when I dreamed you,
But you were in somewhere too deep.
And I remember how I found you,
You were cryin' in your sleep,
And I wiped your tears away and now everyday
This promise I'll keep...

I'll fly you over the rain
And if this world rains, grab onto my wings,
Close your eyes. We're finally free.

When you sleep sometimes I touch you
Just to make sure you're still there
'Cause I swear sometimes I'm just dreamin'.
I'm just flyin' through the air.
But you're flyin' with me now,
We'll make it somehow on the wings of a prayer.

Repeat chorus 2X
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