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The Graves Of Unturned – Virgo Lyrics

Sanity to the human
Crown of price
Reborn in the burned shade

Tribal of stone and sky
Illusion of the cravings
Autumn in my broken of shard

The masked of contempt rites
Clarity of the bleed ages
Eternal stone and flame

Bane of scattered circle
Oracle of godless flesh
Redeemer of disgrace

Enslaved from the sky
Fathomless in my darklord
Acretius on this eternity
The diseased of the mourning

His vanished of moments
Beloved in my angel
Demonic of the twilight
Sins of the revelations

Passion of the never mind
Cursed by mouthful
Deadly awakening
Reflected of solitude

The shadows of tempest
Rapture of siren the fairies
Painted merciless of darkness
Summoning the sorceress kiss
The blooded of the guardians

Crimson eyes of the fractured
The lament of pyramids
Shards in the blooded huntress
The final of the ravens
Paranoid in the seventh soil

Fairytales and ornaments
Temptress of sanctuary
Cave in the perdition of sun
Tourniquet in my fiction beauty
Demonic of the revenge angels

Cemetary of the undead
Samhain of the between worlds
The duchess of darkness
Branded by pressures
Retribution of the graveyard

Truth and consequences
Burning of the camouflage
Scorched of the tribal darkness
Merciless of the decay
When crimson my hands

Dragons of the fighter
Slaying the broken
Incoming of the realms
The cursed of bonds
Engraved into chaos

The moment his charmed
Sacrifice in my huntress
Return of the silence
Divine angel of the serpent
Beauty of the salvation
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