Leave, come back again
Lock and throw key out, I can’t swallow
You’re my prison

I call you my friend
Why do they keep telling me to fight you
They don’t know

Close off feelings
Convince me to believe in you
With all the glory

Sweet desire
Say they will admire me
And one day I’ll be free

But you won’t stop
Now I give up
You own me

I offer you my soul, if you take me with you
I swear I give my all, if you never let me go
I hold my breath ’cause I don’t need it when I’m with you
Just take me, breath me
I give myself to you

Your ghost lives in my shade
Everywhere I go I hear you whisper
All my secrets

Think I’ve gone insane
Felling something pouring in my veins
A ticking louder

I thought you said
You’d help me be a better me
So where’s the glory

Sweet desire
Said they will admire me
But I’m to blind to see

That you won’t stop
I throw my hands up
You own me
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Give Myself Away Lyrics

The Glass Child – Give Myself Away Lyrics