I've been south, thought I could never pick it up.
I've been restless leave it at that.

Shaved your head, because you think they figured out by now.
What we've been doing, no ones saying aloud.

So baby we can work it out

I need somebody and I want you to know,
You snap your fingers and I'm alamode
Misunderstanding you has taken it's tole
I'm just your prisoner, so lend me control.

She wants more, she needs more, she'll take it all, I'm falling.
If he can't face it, I know someone who might.

Don't stop now, no we've got 10 years left to make this happen
And chances never looked this good from the start.

So baby we can work it out
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Lend Me Control Lyrics

The Gills – Lend Me Control Lyrics