I was alone
I was afraid
I seemed to have everything I need I am my own man.

You were so wrong.
You thought “I’m strong”
You can wrap every rumour ‘round my feet to keep me off the street

The street to love (x3)
Take us to the street to love

Can there be a different kind of love?
Am I asking for too much?
Let there be a different kind of love.
Are we asking for too much? (too much… too much…)

We were alone
We were afraid
We seemed to have everything but not the courage to make change.

We could be wrong
But we could be strong
All kinds of love could bound us as one, and rises above the street to love


I wanna fall in love.
I wanna feel your touch.
This was the different kind of love that I missed so much.
So much, so much.
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The Street To Love Lyrics

The Gents – The Street To Love Lyrics