In-case you never know,
Now you know, The General,
Jekyll And Hyde Life,
Eni Ville…...

Chorus: (Repeat X2)
I think say I go fall back,
Thank God the stress made me stronger,
You don’t know what I suffered,
But I came, I saw, and conquered.

Verse 1:
I was X when no Doe, Now General when they saw my Mob.
My came up making Doe gave enemies collywobbles,
Lord thanks my kind of struggle, made me different from other people,
Chosen disciple you made me but friends said my rap’s too local,
Things were hard with no father still I wanna go further,
In college, things became harder made people call my free-loader,
So I dropped out then I choose a lion heart,
I came to show my enemies I can never be a tout,
I had so many nightmares saw myself in snares,
Years I couldn’t say cheers with friends but never shared tears,
Molestation I suffered, too bad I felt mad when Mum. Cried said my son for me this care-taking is too hard, but then..

(Repeat chorus) X2)

Verse 2:
Now that I’m here you can see me clearly,
You don’t need Binoculars to tell you I’m deadly,
My conscience is dead I walk around with a gun,
I know the Devil or God want me to be his son,
But you know I don’t care ‘cos only time can tell,
If what I saw on Genevieve gonna be for sale,
I’m here ‘cos I already saw what’s coming,
Niggaz should understand this ain’t gonna be funny,
I saw visions of revelations, my mission,
Before I die let me be the mind-set of generations,
I know you don’t know I say serious things in the open,
That’s when my conversation can never be broken,
My conversation is so deep, but doesn’t mean I’m cheap,
What I saw growing up I thought I would flip,
But that was then I couldn’t fix our leaking roof,
Mama would always say cover the chairs with water-proof.

(Repeat chorus) X2)

Verse 3:
From my hood I climbed right to this spot,
I won’t take shit from murderfuckers this’s Hip Hop,
Niggaz lean back don’t think you know me way-back,
I’ll keep getting money and that’s the fact,
Yeah, I know you don’t want me get to the top,
Niggaz praying for my downfall they want me flop,
There’s no one like me whether you like it or not,
I can make you stop when you get a close shot,
I’m from the street an O. G,
I fucked with niggaz from O. V new hulks they know me,
I don’t step on toes but I step on souls,
I conquered today, yesterday I sowed,
I’m your spices, I touch your temperature rises,
Bitches break their neck to get my I. V’s,
I’m realist, I’m sure you know what the deal is,
I thought I told you not to fuck with this. Yeah!

(Repeat chorus) X4)

Yeah! Blaze, I know how this sound to these murderfuckers,
I already know they don’t want me to make it, but I’m here to take it,
I ain’t playing, I’m serious to make you scared of us,
Hemillion, why don’t you tell these murderfuckers what we’ve been doing lately,
Something is about to happen, and I’m sure you’re ready,
Eni V… Ahaaaah, Showfrikz,
I came, I saw and Conquered.
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Came, Saw, And Conquered. Lyrics

The General – Came, Saw, And Conquered. Lyrics