She got a tattoo of a bracelet on her wrist
The love of strangers on her Christmas list
She ain't sentimental, she don't like to reminisce
She's a champion of action

You ain't never heard her voice but that's all right
'cause you ain't never seen her face before tonight
But now you see her swaying to the left and to the right
And it rocks your whole foundation

See her spinning 'round
Blond hair falling down
You can hear the sound...

Of your heart breaking
From the love she's taking from you
The song it's making
Is like a rhapsody in blue

Well you ain't never seen no aura in your life
But you know her's is the color of the sky
When she looks at you it kills you, when she turns away you die
It's a tragic situation

So you drink one down for courage, two for soul
You drink a third for good luck, then you stroll
Out onto the dance floor, but your feet are too damn cold
And you need more insulation

See her spinning round...

Oh, she don't love you
Oh, she don't see you in the crowd
Oh, if she did she would not want you anyhow

Expectation lingers in the air
The problem is that no one else is there
Just the memory of your angel, all these ghosts in empty chairs
Making comments 'bout the weather

The taxi cab is waiting at the door
You can hear the driver blowing on his horn
So you close your eyes one last time, and you conjure up her form
And you shake it down together

See her spinning round...
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Rhapsody In Blue Lyrics

The Gathering Field – Rhapsody In Blue Lyrics

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