The ties that bind unravelled on an August night
She left his tired love behind, in a laundromat, in black and white
The powers that be decided it was time to let him go
So he went rolling like a tumbleweed across the desert of New Mexico

And he goes chasing the angel of the blue sky
And he knows she will be waiting for him there
And he sees his faithful angel of the blue sky
Floating in the firmament somewhere

His Dodge gave out, he stepped into a crowded local bar
He hitched a ride to Abilene, and wondered how he'd come so far
The signs they came, the rain fell like a baby's newborn tears
He stood out on the open plain, and felt her hovering so near

And he goes...

All that time it was not wasted
It was the way it had to be
Whatever sorrow that he tasted set him free
Clear blue sky, he smiles to think she's waiting close at hand
He sets his wet clothes out to dry, then trudges toward the promised land
Come what may, come whatever makes the world go 'round
He close his eyes up half the day, and listens for her healing sound

And he goes...
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Blue Sky Song Lyrics

The Gathering Field – Blue Sky Song Lyrics

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