His scars
Are reminders
Of the bite
From the silver teeth
Of the white monkey
Of the silent lands
Of the sweat
Of the slavers
And of the truce
Seize the time
No surrender
At the street
A Shout
His age at the cross
The dawn emerges
Over the edge of the town
Where the lashes
Fall in obeyance with
The lei of the law
And the hangman cavers
The name of the new king
On the monkey idols
Seize the times
No surrender
He goes out
In the alleys of Consciousness
Lookin' for his hourse
While party jesters
Throw stones
At his
Leopard skin
Seize the time
No surrender
With the positive style
Of the bleeding word
Like the thunder
That warns of the storm
He shouts from the microphone
Of the Anger to the Terror
The jazz messenger
Is in town
Seize the time
No surrender
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Warrior Poet Lyrics

The Gang – Warrior Poet Lyrics