Uh, let Jesus take the wheel of a Phantom, baby!
Close my eyes, wake up, I’m in Atlanta, baby
Who put the magic in Magic City? [?]
Who popping magnum bottles with Diddy? Me kid
Tell ‘em where the beast is, tell ‘em where the bitch is
Leaning back in my beach chair, yeah
I’m something like a leap year
Niggas don’t see me that often in this 'Rari
But nigga, we’re here!
Far baby, like I got Usher Raymond in this Backwood
Let it burn, baby! (niggas so emotional)
I gotta pull that hundred for you, I gotta poke in with hoes!
We in the poking, no stroking hoes to their open nose
Let this! Niggas ain’t begging, we’re getting Oprah dough
Money over bitches, till I’m fucking Oprah
So, back away from my Phantom, so I can open dough!

Marble floors, Lamborghini doors
Oh Lord, oh Lord, oh Lord!
[?] at the window on the West Side, East Side, West Side
Smoking green you ain’t never seen!
(Can I hit that?)

[Verse 2:]
Just don’t go far, baby
Take a puff out it
Damn, run it tell puff about it
Compton been on that Master P shit, we brought it, bought it
Up in gray stone too fucking crowded
Unless it’s [?] club after [?]
Say my nigga that bitch, what’s up, old cop?
Fuck old cop, blood, got guns is on the up enough
Fuck old blood, cop got hundred niggas just rolling up
Still surreal gotta give it to my niggas, man
My nigga scare, my nigga Wayne
My nigga Joe Moses got the hoes opened
My nigga yg winning, I kept the door opened
Can’t forget about my nigga Top Dawg
Put Kendrick on a pedestal where thou shall not fall
One love to my lil nigga Problem
Got the la turned up, like walk at him!


You’re smoking charm, baby
Nigga, what a fuck? I’m from the Valley
We don’t smoke
I don’t know what you’re doing counting
But in one eight we put weed in weed
Nigga, you’re tripping!
I’m just fucking with you, I wouldn’t!
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Oh Lord Lyrics

The Game – Oh Lord Lyrics